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MAGNET Newsletters

MAGNET publishes three regularly scheduled e-mail newsletters:

The quarterly Manufacturing Roundup brings manufacturers in-depth coverage on specific topics of vital importance to their success. The archived issues are available below as PDFs for free download.

MAGNET Insider is a monthly e-mail roundup of all the upcoming regional and national events, classes and trade shows of interest to manufacturers.

MAGNET's quarterly Motor Vehicle Supply Chain News serves manufacturers in the automobile industry.

You can receive these publications by e-mailing to be added to MAGNET's mailing list. Please include your job title, company name, phone number and snail mail address. Note: MAGNET's privacy policy ensures that your personal contact information will not be shared with any third party. However, MAGNET is required to report aggregated demographic information to some of our funding partners.

Sept. 2011 Roundup Cover

August/September 2011
Theme: Product Design & Development

  • MAGNET Team Helps Start-Up Cleveland Whiskey Distill Success
  • Global Product Management Services from MAGNET
  • PDD Group Offers Purdue Univ. Green Enterprise Development Training Program

March/April 2011
Theme: New Markets Initiative Launch

  • New Markets Initiative Focuses on Orders, Profits and Jobs for Manufacturers
  • Manufacturers & Media Turn Out for NMI Launch Events
  • Make Sure You "Qualify" Before You "Diversify"
  • Continuous Improvement: A Culture of Change and Results

Roundup Dec 2010 Cover

November/December 2010
Theme: New Market Development

  • Reach Out to New Markets with Social Networking
  • MAGNET Management Leadership Speaker Series

August/September 2010
Theme: Capital Investments

  • Tips for evaluating and managing capital expenditures
  • What is SBIR funding and who should apply?
  • MAGNET Management Leadership Speaker Series

MAGNET Roundup May/June 2010

May/June 2010
Theme: Quality Management

  • Get ready for the AS9100C transition
  • An integrated approach to management systems yields the best results
  • Six Sigma and the ISO Quality Management System


MAGNET Roundup March/April 2010 Issue

March/April 2010
Theme: Workforce Development; E-Learning

  • MAGNET's new E-Learning Program designed to fit smaller manufacturers' needs
  • Success Story: Severstal Warren
  • Operator training goes high tech: The advantages of e-learning
  • PLIDCO tries (and likes) E-Learning

MAGNET Roundup Jan/Feb 2010 Issue

January/February 2010
Theme: Motor Vehicle Supply Chain

  • MAGNET partners with Ohio State's CAR to serve Motor Vehicle Industry
  • Dept. of Labor offers half-price training grants to Ohio's Auto Supply Chain
  • Ask the Expert: Powder Coating Industry productivity standards
  • Lean adds value to your supply chain

MAGNET Roundup November/December 2009 Issue

November/December 2009
Theme: Workforce Development

  • What will your company do when the Baby Boomers retire?
  • Practical experience puts MAGNET intern "light years" ahead of peers
  • Closing the skills gap

September/October 2009 MAGNET Roundup

September/October 2009
Theme: Lean Manufacturing Success

  • Effective leadership produces long-term results
  • Successful training begins with management involvement
  • Kaizen begins with your employees
  • Why do Kaizen events fail?

July/August 2009 MAGNET Roundup

July/August 2009
Theme: Competing in the Global Marketplace

  • Playing by the Rules: The global markets game
  • Ready to journey into the global marketplace?
  • Consider which export strategy is nest for your company

May/June MAGNET Roundup

May/June 2009
Theme: Market Diversification

  • Market Diversification: The road to growth
  • Homeland Security and small business opportunities
  • Ask an Expert: Licensing a healthcare product

March/April 2009 MAGNET Roundup

March/April 2009
Theme: Sustainable Manufacturing

  • MAGNET launches new “eco-SMART Manufacturing Program”
  • Is Lean Turning “Green”?
  • Ask the Expert: Government grants

January/February MAGNET Roundup

January/February 2009
Theme: Growing Through Innovation

  • Grow your company’s top and bottomlines with MAGNET's free online tools and resources
  • Is your company leaving research and development tax credits on the table?
  • Explore the success of Eureka! Winning Ways
  • New Product Development: Innovation by chaos or order?